Accreditation & Certification

One task KJM UGM is delivering prodi at the UGM obtain accreditation and certification with the highest performance. Therefore, a variety of activities related to accreditation and certification have been implemented so far in KJM.

Activities carried out by the end of October 2013 including:

  1. accompanying Prodi in the process of preparation of accreditation documents BAN-PT (optional) and perform a simulation of assessment documents BAN-PT accreditation of study programs that will be sent (required)
  2. making Rector statement letter for prodi of UGM in order BAN-PT accreditation
  3. being ISO 9001:2008 certification coordinator for several units in UGM
  4. implement AUN Actual Quality Assessment for a number of study programs (Medical Education, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Geological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Legal Science, Dentistry, Animal Science and Industry, and English)
  5. AUN implement DIES Assessment for a number of prodi (Communication Studies, and Public and Policy Management)